WP Magic Link Login

WP Magic Link Login adds a way for WordPress users to login without a password. The process is secure and each magic link is unique and disabled on login.

How it works

Easily login with just 2 clicks:

Enter email address.

Submit your email address on the login form. No password needed.

Click on the magic link.

An email that contains the magic login link will be sent to you. Click on that link.

Tada! You're logged in!

You're in. The link will be disabled.

Why WP Magic Link Login?



How about testing it right now?

Live Demo

Enter your email address in the form on the right to see exactly how WP Magic Link Login works. Once you’ll click on the link in the received email, you’ll be logged in.

Average Rating

Trusted by over 1770 customers.

Why Mathijs from Netherlands gave us 5 stars?

“Install and go. The plugin works perfect and i really like all the settings. The support is really great! I asked the developers some extra options which they also liked and it took them a short time (less then a week) to implement these nice options.
I tried some other plugins for passwordless login, but this one is the best! Keep up the good work!!”

Got questions?

Well written documentation is available online for all users. If you’re facing an issue that is not covered in the docs, feel free to open a ticket