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About WP Magic Link Login

WP Magic Link Login is a WordPress Plugin that adds a way for users to log in without a password. The login process is quite simple and requires 2 steps:

  1. The user submits the email address in the magic link request form.
  2. An email that contains the login link will be sent to that user. When the link is accessed in browser, the user will be automatically logged in.

WordPress Magic Link Login Plugin comes with powerful features:

  • Set link validity
  • Display magic link form via shortcode
  • Display magic form on WordPress login page
  • Display magic link form on WooCommerce page
  • Restrict login from the same IP
  • Restrict login per specific email or domain
  • Brute force protection
  • Allow guest users to register
  • Assign custom roles for new users
  • Custom redirect on success login
  • Custom email subject and content
  • Allow antivirus to scan magic links
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